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Brake servicing is an essential component of appropriate vehicle maintenance. When you maintain your brakes, they will look after you when you most need them. Yet, even with routine maintenance, your car’s brakes could need to be inspected and serviced by a professional if you experience one or more of these brake problem warning signs.




While we recommend regular inspections to extend the lifetime of your brakes, red flags may pop up that should warn you to bring your car in earlier.

Brittle Brake Pads. The friction that brings your car to a stop is created when brake pads press up against a rotor found on the front wheels. If they are too thin, they won’t be able to press hard enough to stop your car effectively.

Fortunately, you can identify thin brake pads through eye inspection. Your wheel’s spokes should be between the pad, which is a flat metal plate. It’s time to bring the automobile in if it appears to be less than 14″ thick.

Poor Performance. This one is easy: if your brakes are failing, they aren’t functioning properly. The brake pedal itself will depress more deeply than usual toward the floor before your automobile comes to a stop, giving you a sense of this. This could be an indication of a brake system leak, which could be either an air leak from the hose or a fluid leak from the brake lines.

Vibration. Make an appointment if your brake pedal starts vibrating, especially when the anti-lock braking system is not activated. Your brake pedal can communicate with you in various ways. This may indicate distorted rotors that need to be “turned,” which is a procedure by which they are evened, but it’s not always the case.

Puddles on the driveway. Another indication that your brake line may be leaking is a little puddle under your car. When you touch the liquid, it feels and looks like new motor oil but is less slick. Take your automobile in for repair right away if you think there may be a leak in the brake fluid. When you lose more fluid, this issue will become worse very quickly.

Pulling. As you brake, your vehicle may occasionally attempt to move to the side of the road. If your car’s brakes don’t stop equally on both sides, your brake pads may wear unevenly or block your brake fluid line.

Annoying Metallic Noise. Watch out if your brakes start to make an old man’s grumpy noise. Sounds like grinding or snarling are quite problematic. They appear when your brake pads are totally worn out and signify rotor damage. Drive your car directly into the shop because your rotor may require a costly repair if you don’t find the issue right away.

Warning Lights. Your car’s two warning lights could mean braking issues. One is the anti-lock brake light, which is represented by a red “ABS” enclosed in a circle. If this light illuminates, one of the anti-lock brake sensors might malfunction. This issue cannot be resolved by you alone. Take the car in if the light continues to be on.

The brake light is the second. Some automobiles just have the word “Brake” here, while others have an exclamation point enclosed in two brackets. This light may occasionally signal a straightforward problem with your parking brake, which may be engaged while you’re driving.

This one is simple to fix. If the light remains on, it might indicate a more serious issue, such as a brake fluid leak. It’s possible that your brakes’ hydraulic pressure is inconsistent or that there isn’t enough brake fluid. Make an appointment for service if your brake light is on because these issues might be harmful.


Prevention is better than cure!


If your car is experiencing any of the above, bring your car in for a free brake check. We recommend inspecting your brakes every 6,000 miles or whenever you rotate your tires. Ignoring brake problems can lead to more serious issues and compromise the Safety of your car.











Regular brake maintenance is crucial for keeping your car in good condition. It can make your car easier to drive and keep you safe while you’re driving. And to keep your car protected by the manufacturer’s guarantee, routine maintenance by a Porsche dealer approved by the manufacturer is frequently necessary.

Discover the benefits of routine brake repair by reading on.

Increased Gas Mileage. It’s essential to have brakes that are functioning properly if you want to consume less petrol when driving. Cars with properly working brakes often use less gasoline to retain their best driving performance. Many car owners discover that keeping their brakes in good condition may save a significant amount of money.

Better Handling. Regular brake maintenance is essential if you like to push your car to its limits! Tight turns are easily managed thanks to responsive brakes, and regular servicing by a licensed dealer may make driving more enjoyable by making your car handle better. When it comes to making sure you’ll be able to handle those mountain passes and alluring straightaways with ease, keeping up with your brake maintenance is crucial.

Increased Safety. Your Safety and that your passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers depend on your brakes working properly. Servicing your brakes can make your car safer by improving your ability to stop quickly and take preventative action to avoid incidents.

Reduced Costs for Maintenance. One of the simplest strategies to gradually reduce your money on transportation is to adhere to a regular maintenance plan. Regular maintenance may maintain your car in good running order and spare you the expense and inconvenience of dealing with significant repairs at the wrong time. An easy yet efficient strategy to keep your transportation costs in check is to do planned maintenance.

Inspection Specifications. A vehicle must have functional brakes in many areas to pass state inspection. Keeping your car or SUV maintained can reduce future costs if you decide to move to a state that mandates annual inspections. Frequent brake maintenance might lessen the likelihood that you’ll need to make expensive repairs before you can drive again after a move.

Increasing Resale Values. Customers who buy used cars sometimes pay more for well-kept autos. To guarantee that you’re fulfilling all warranty requirements, have your brakes serviced at a dealer with your authorization. And don’t forget to save all of your maintenance records in case a future buyer asks for them.


Fewer Replacement Brakes


You may need to service your car or SUV less frequently if you maintain your brakes regularly because they will last longer. As many owners discover, regular maintenance increases the interval between brake repairs. Over time it can also lower the overall cost of ownership for your car.

Regular, quality maintenance can frequently lower overall ownership costs.

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