Six Easy Methods to Improve Gas Mileage

July 31, 2023By Paul
Car Mileage

Valvoline is a name that is synonymous with quality. Drivers of all types of vehicles worldwide rely on their products to get them from A to B. Drivers love Valvoline because they maximize their vehicles’ performance, thereby saving them money at the gas pump. In this blog, we will look at six products or services available to drivers that will help improve their fuel economy.

Book Your Car for Regular Maintenance Checks

Technology to improve gas mileage is something many car manufacturers include in their new vehicles, but there are some products and services available to drivers that can help boost this. One of the most common recommendations mechanics suggest is getting regular maintenance checks performed, as a commonly found feature of a well-maintained car is that it has good fuel economy. 

Treating your car to regular check-ups while investing in quality products is like giving it a spa day. We perform and feel better after a spa treatment, as does a car!

Many drivers will also tell you that regular maintenance checks prevent major problems from occurring, and the small initial cost of the service is far better than getting a nasty surprise later with major repairs. To book your vehicle’s next maintenance checkup, visit the Valvoline website to find your closest workshop today.

Keep Your Tires Inflated, Aligned, and Maintained

Simply put, underinflated, misaligned, or worn tires cause poor gas mileage. Just like an athlete who performs better in new and correct shoes, a car runs better when its tires are inflated and in good condition. 

Now, this does not mean that you need to go out and buy new tires if your car’s tires are in good condition. However, if they are worn down and balding, they drag your car down, requiring more fuel to get you from A to B. Similarly, underinflated or misaligned tires act like deadweights on the car.

Remember to inflate your tires to their correct psi level throughout the year, especially when the seasons change. Tires must also receive regular rotation and alignment, which should only be performed at a qualified workshop. If your car’s tires need some attention, then give your local Valvoline shop a call at 404-254-7501.

Replace Your Car’s Sparkplugs

A common cause of poor gas mileage in vehicles is old sparkplugs. In fact, many mechanics suggest that a misfiring engine (due to worn, old sparkplugs) decreases a car’s fuel efficiency by up to 30%, and adds another 94 cents per gallon at the pump.

Car experts suggest replacing sparkplugs every 20,000 to 100,000 miles, but it is recommended that owners consult their car’s manual also. If it’s time for your car to get some new sparkplugs, then Valvoline sparkplugs are both affordable and will go the distance. 

Visit the Valvoline Express Care website to learn more about our range of sparkplugs and where to get yours installed locally.

Use the Correct Grade of Oil

Fuel economy and efficiency are positive side effects of an engine that is running smoothly. And to keep an engine running smoothly, it needs both high-quality fuel (more to come on that) and the correct grade of oil to keep it running. Pairing the correct grade of oil along with regular oil changes, outside of regular maintenance checks, will go a long way in improving a vehicle’s gas mileage.

Your car’s manual will indicate the correct grade of oil your car needs. There are a variety of different grades available, and putting a lower or higher-grade oil than what is recommended can do irreparable damage to the engine over time. 

Call your local Valvoline workshop today at 404-254-7501 to schedule your car’s next drive through oil change, as not only will they use the correct oil grade, but also the highest quality Valvoline car oil.

Replace Air Filters

Car air filters need more replacing these days than they have in the past. The fact is, the environments many of us live in just don’t have the cleanest air, especially around roadways. A car’s air filters function very similarly to those in your home’s air conditioning system. When they are not replaced, the air conditioner doesn’t cool the home well, nor does it filter out pollutants and allergens.

Your vehicle needs properly filtered air also. When it doesn’t get enough air, or air that is not ‘cleaned’ through the filters, it causes poor gas mileage, as it needs more fuel to run. This can especially be problematic with older carbureted vehicles. Many experts suggest that drivers experience a 10% decrease in fuel efficiency with dirty air filters! 

Regular replacement of your vehicle’s air filters is crucial for knowing how to improve gas mileage. However, it is not recommended that this be done by the car owner, as air filters can be in hard-to-reach places and are different between manufacturers and models. Trust a Valvoline technician with your car’s air filter replacement, and give them a call at 404-254-7501 to schedule your next one. 

Buy Quality Fuel

And finally, if you want to know how to improve gas mileage, it is vital to purchase only quality fuels. Your car is like you. When you eat fried, unhealthy, cheap, and fatty foods, you feel sluggish, gain weight and experience other health issues. Your car performs similarly if it has a gas tank full of cheap, dirty, and incorrect-grade fuel.

Consulting your car’s owner’s manual will likely tell you what grade of fuel to put in your vehicle, but it is also important to purchase from reputable gas stations too. 

Also, high-performance vehicles often require higher-octane fuel, so don’t skimp on your treasured possession’s fuel supply! Alternatively, if your car doesn’t require high-octane fuel as it is not a high-performance car, you should stick to purchasing regular gas only.

For more information on quality fuel and the correct grade for your vehicle, speak with a Valvoline technician during your next visit to one of our workshops. 


In conclusion, there are several things car owners can do to improve their car’s fuel economy. These often are not costly and will save far more cash in the long term. Valvoline offers a number of services to car owners, especially when it comes to the causes of poor gas mileage. Visit the Valvoline website today to learn more, or call 404-254-7501 for your nearest workshop. 

Drive safe!



Paul Eidbo is the founder and president of Piedmont Lube Centers LLC, an Atlanta-based company that develops, owns, and operates Valvoline Express Care oil change and auto service facilities.  He opened his first quick lube facility in 2004 and has expanded throughout Metro Atlanta.  Paul graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BA in history and earned his MBA from Vanderbilt University.  Paul lives in Atlanta with his wife, three sons, and two dogs.